Saturday, April 29, 2006

Glendale Explorers Troop 2127

Military explorers is a boy scout troop dedicated to studying all aspects of military life. Some of the topics covered are Military dicipline, drill, physical fitness, customs and courtesies, leadership, the importance of school work, and military history.

Our Troop Motto at 2127 is Honor, Courage , and Education. The top priority for our explorers is to do well in school. Explorers are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times while in this unit, whether at home, school, work, or at a troop meeting. If Explorers have home work to do, it is expected to be done at the troop meeting before involving themselves in the evenings training events.

Troop 2127 meets on Wednesday nights from 6pm to 9 pm (1800-2100)

Scroll up for updates regarding events, gear lists, and contact info.

Military Explorers Troop 2127 is run by former Marines and adults, all who are volunteers and productive members of society.

Commanding Officer: Colonel Foster
-USMC 1980-1986
-Teacher at glendale highschool's construction academy
-CPR and first aid certified

Executive officer/ Medic: Lt. Colonel Brown
-USMC 1997-2001
-Security Supervisor
-Emergency Medical Technician (Basic) certified

Female explorer issues/ Medical: Major Traci Foster
-Licenced Vocational Nurse Certified
-Teacher, nurse, and Physical education instructor
Operations, Administration, Logistics: Major
-Backstock/ supplies
-CPR Certified

Female issues, Administration: Captain Anashe Varoujan

-Educational assistant GUSD
-CPR/ First aid Qualified
Platoon Commander: Captain Estey
-Medical Billing
-CPR/ First aid certified


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the military explorer program is an awesome program and I think that a lot more poeple should join this program because of the physical training we do and also the dicipline you get. Col. Foster takes wednesday nights off to teach us kids something about life and also military life. ooooh-rah USMC

Anonymous Anonymous said...

1-2-3-4 United States Marine Corps

Anonymous Jeff Reyes said...

interested in doing some cross training with you guys. Please contact me via email


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