Saturday, April 29, 2006

Marines giving back

Every once in a while the explorers get a treat in the form of active duty service members, some who are prior explorers, who assist in our troop meetings. A couple of our regulars are Sgt. Cox and PFC Ariza.
Sgt. Cox is the local area recruiter, an infantry Marine, and the leader of the USMC Poolie Program. Poolie functions are held on Saturday and cover topics such as Drill, Physical fitness, and Marine Corps history. These functions are primarily for Civilians who are getting ready to go to Marine Corps bootcamp, but any explorer is able to attend without a commitment to military service.
PFC Ariza is a former Military Explorers member; our old company gunny (Gunnery sergeant). Ariza joined the Marine Corps after graduating high school and is currently training to become an aircraft mechanic.
Drill is taken very seriously in the Military Explorers, and besides Physical fitness, is considered very important and prestigious. Basic drill builds discipline, immediate and willing obedience to orders, and shows pride in the unit when marching in a military manner. Troop 2127 presents their drill skills in events such as the Montrose Christmas parade, where troop drill is viewed by hundreds of people. Basic drill is something that should be practiced on a daily basis for constant
improvement. One of the standards for promotion to any rank is to know basic drill movements, and to execute the movements with confidence.


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