Saturday, April 29, 2006

Military Patrolling

This is a quick recap on the military patrolling class.

For pre-patrol remember the accronym METTSL also known as the patrol warning order. The warning order is given in this order to alert the troops conducting the patrol to the general details of the patrol.

Time available


There are 3 types of patrols: Combat, Security, and Reconnaissance

-Combat patrols have the purpose of initiating contact with the enemy.
-Security patrols are to provide security of points of interest and assistance to incoming patrols.
patrols are to provide information to higher headquarters and to avoid contact.
Remember in reconnaissance patrols the acronym SALUTE. SALUTE is the information about the opposing force that will be relayed to higher headquarters. This information will be useful in
monitering enemy movements, equipment, and intentions.

Unit/ uniform

Also remember patrol formations.



Echelon Right (reverse for Left)
On line

Items to remember for Patroling:

Camoflauge- Look for and reduce Shine, Shadow, and unnatural looking outline on your person. Your uniform should match your surroundings in color and texture.
Noise Dicipline- Always use maximum noise dicipline while moving and make sure all your gear is secured and canteens filled to reduce unnecesary noise.

Light dicipline- Use red lenses in flashlights (moon beams) because they are less noticable and do not reduce your night vision as white light does.
Objective rally points- Be sure to set up areas where troops can meet up before and after contact is made. This is the place where troops can find other patrol members when split up.
Distance- Be sure to use a safe distance from other patrol members during the patrol.
15 meters is the general rule.

Words to remember:

AO area of operation
CP command post
LP/OP listening post/ observation post
CLICK one Kilometer
GRID one square kilometer

PB patrol base
FRAGO fragmented order

OPPLAN operation plan
SOP standard operating procedure
ORP objective rally point
Immediate action drills SOP's for actions during patrols (Ambushes, call for fire, Radio goes down, injured persons)

Some pictures of explorers in action..... and another former explorer turned Marine!


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