Saturday, April 29, 2006

Past Event

Military explorers will be conducting two events in the near future. The first is assisting Glendale high school with a carnival on Saturday, April 29th. For this event Explorers will be assisting with parking, set up, and cleaning. Explorers who are attending this event will be expected to be in full uniform, and act in a diciplined manner, as they will be representing post 2127. Explorers will arive at Glendale highschool and report to Mr. Mike Lopez at 1000 AM. Final clean up should end about 1800 (6 PM).
The other event is a 10 Mile adventure hike
scheduled for Saturday, May 6. The 10 mile hike is part of our work up to the Summer Bivuac. A permission Slip with directions and a gear list has been provided to the explorers on Wednesday April 26. Lunch will be provided to Explorers in the form of 1 MRE (Military Style Meal Ready to Eat). This hike Will start at the trail head for the Beaudry loop at 0700 hours and will last until 1200. Explorers should arrive no sooner than 0645 AM and no later than 0700, as we are stepping off at 0710. Permission slips should be signed and turned in no later than our next explorer meeting on Wednesday, May 3rd.
Full gear hikes help the explorers in building endurance, and also cover topics such as troop formations and Procedures in a field environment. There is no additional cost for this hike.
Any additional questions for either event can be emailed to Lt. Col. Brown at, or Explorers can ask questions at the next troop function.


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