Saturday, April 29, 2006

Weapons Safety/ Carries

Last Wednesday we covered the topic of weapons carries and safety procedures. Military Explorers do not use live ammunition or weapons, but we currently have four airsoft rifles for our use, and when handling these weapons, we must handle them in a military manner. Our airsoft rifles are modeled after the M16 A4 rifle currently in use by all military branches. We carry these rifles on guard duty, hikes, and bivouacs, and may only do so after learning the proper way to handle them.
Weapons safety Rules
-Treat every weapon as if it were loaded.
Even when using airsoft rifles, we must treat it as if it were a deadly weapon. We do this so that we do not become careless.
-Never point a weapon at any thing you do not intend to shoot.
Our rifles are not to be treated as toys. When on guard duty we do not point our rifles at any other explorer, because we do not intend to harm other explorers.
-Keep your finger straight and off the trigger until you are ready to fire.
When we practice with our air soft rifles we do not touch the trigger unless we are sure the rifle is pointed in a safe direction. This prevents us from firing the weapon inadvertently which could cause harm to other explorers.
-Keep your weapon on safe until you intend to fire.
Safe mode on the weapons selector switch is the mode in which the weapon will not fire. This is also to prevent a negligent discharge of our weapon.
Weapons Carries
-Alert (to the dirt)
The Alert carry is used most commonly on patrols and hikes. In this carry the muzzle (Barrel) is facing down towards the ground.
This carry is also used when on patrol, when contact with opposition forces is less imminent . The Barrel faces up from the body at a 45 degree angle.
In this carry the rifle is pointed straight in front of the carrier, in a position ready to fire. This carry is when contact is imminent, and is remembered by the saying Eye, Muzzle, Target.


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