Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Troop 2127 Field Hike

Troop 2127 completed the first hike of the year, and we're proud to say it went off without a hitch! Lt. Estey led the majority of the hike, Letting the troop get to know their new platoon commander, running the last quarter mile on the 3 mile climb after a first class lunch of MRE's.
Average pace on the way up was 2.5 Miles an hour and on the 3 1/2 miles down the average pace was 4 1/2 to 5 miles an hour. The only problem encountered was a baby rattlesnake about half way up the mountain. Remember when spotting a rattlesnake it is standard operating procedure to freeze in place, using the hand and arm signal to freeze so the rest of the explorers follow suit. After freezing in place, slowly move away from the snake, making no sudden movements. Do not point at the snake and yell "look a rattle snake!" as they easily get stage fright, and their embarrassment of the situation causes them to lash out!

After the hike was completed, we conducted a mile long adventure hike, where every one showed some love after surviving!

As soon as all pictures are in, we will put in another post of just hike pictures.


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I was wondering the same thing! I feel sorry for the kids back.
-Lt. Estey

Anonymous Anonymous said...

As you were Sir. Its Cpt. Estey ^_o

-PFC. Berberian

Blogger Troop 2127 said...

not at the time it wasn't.....


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