Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Montrose parade

Just as a reminder, the Montrose Christmas parade is coming up in the begining of December. The goal for us Explorers is to have at least 12 explorers proficient in drill movements. Remember to have a full uniform (Blouse, Trousers, Cover, boots, and green shirt), as we need to look SHARP! We will be focusing more on drill these coming weeks leading up to the Parade.


Anonymous GySgt. Hovanesian said...

GHS also has a variety show coming up. How about it?!

-GySgt. Hovanesian

Blogger Troop 2127 said...

How about you submit it in writing to the Col.

Anonymous GySgt. Hovanesian said...

Yes Sir, I am going to this Wednesday.

-GySgt. Hovanesian

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just noticed your troop online while looking for venture scouting for my son. I don't live near Glendale, so not a possibility for him.
But... I'm a active duety NCO for the California National Guard in Glendale and would be happy to lend assistance to your troop from time to time. I'm a former boyscout myself and really believe in the program.
Adult leaders in the program may call me at 818 551 2139


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